Our software license for the detection and recognition of license plates will allow you to automate and control parking entries. You can implement it in mobility solutions in your city to monitor traffic, contrast information on black lists and generate alerts of all kinds.

SivarPlate is a software developed exclusively by SIVAR engineers, which allows us to offer a product that is easily adapted to the needs of our customers.


Our device for moving power lines SivarETL is a tool designed to meet a specific need in the field of electrical engineering such as the repowering of transmission lines, allowing to reduce the execution times of this task by up to 50%, making the process more efficient and safer, which leads to a reduction in the suspension times of the electric service when there are existing lines.

SivarETL, in its first version, has a camera that allows it to give it various functionalities, if you want to know more contact us.


ParControl is a software developed in alliance with the company SISMOIT SAS that allows to guarantee greater control over the vehicles that enter each of the processes that are handled within certain dependencies (parking lots, crane or tow companies, vehicle dealers, enter others) by digitizing inspection forms that are filled out in a mobile app, reporting each of the records on a server with photographic support in real time, guaranteeing the availability of the information at all times.


Our software license for vehicle recognition and axle counting will allow you to define the category to which the vehicles that travel on the road belong. According to the needs it is complemented with the vehicle count, statistics and much more; Allowing the generation of tolls in a reliable manner, activating access restrictions on roads by size of vehicles, among others.

Car & Trucks is a software developed in partnership with the company The parking S.AS.





Our workstation recognition and personnel counting software is a solution that allows us to define the category to which the personnel belong, their permanence in the workstation or simply use it for whatever comes to mind, since this allows us to capture in real time the use of a space and much more information that is currently used for corporate decision making.

The versatility of this solution allows it to be used in the transport sector, for the entry of people to a transportation system, seat occupancy, real-time available seats in a restaurant, measure empty spaces or service times and much more.


Our facial and object recognition software is a solution that allows you to define the category to which the staff belongs, entry control, marketing applications, the gender of your customers, what your customers see (what areas they frequent), what they like, you can parameterize security systems to unauthorized areas, improve security, control the access of your employees.

This type of solution has a variety of applications, among which object recognition can be associated with the automation of industrial processes, logistics, package counting, knowing if an employee is carrying security implements, and many more alternatives, ask for a demo now.

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